Nov 04

System Tool 2011

System Tool 2011 is a rogue security program (fake) designed by scam artist to rip people off.  If your computer has been infected with System Tool 2011, you should remove it immediately.


How do I know if I’m Infected?
If your computer is infected with System Tool 2011, it’s hard not to notice.  The program is continually throwing pop ups and alerts stating that your PC is infected, under attack or not protected.   System Tool 2011 will also prevent you from opening other programs, accessing the internet via web browsers, downloading and installing software.

How did System Tool 2011 Infect My PC?
Most likely your computer was infected with System Tool 2011 without your consent after visiting a website that was pushing the installer. Usually what happens is you will notice something downloading right after clicking a link and landing on a page.  Most people will try to hit the BACK button to get off the site and stop the virus from infecting their computer, but by that time it’s most likely already infected the PC.  If you were running decent antivirus software with active protection, it would have stopped the virus before infecting your PC.

How do I Remove System Tool 2011 From My PC?
There are ways of removing this virus manually, but we recommend using our malware removal tool, VIPRE Antivirus.  You can download a free 30-day trial that will remove System Tools 2011 from your PC for no cost by clicking on the link below:


If you are unable to download and install our malware removal tool because System Tool 2011 has infected your PC and is not allowing you to install the program, you can use our VIPRE Rescue Disc here:


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