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Oct 01

Remove Sonic Train ads from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Since the Sonic Train software renders users’ web browsing insufferable and endangers their privacy, removal of this adware shouldn’t be dallied off. Not so many Internet surfers would willingly opt into expanding the volume of advertising they see online. Ads are everywhere anyway, some people would argue, but it’s redundancy that makes the principal difference. …

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Sep 25

Remove Gangnam Game popup virus ( from Chrome, Firefox and IE

The commonplace adware elimination tactics are inefficient for handling Gangnam Game popup virus, so follow these steps to get the whole security job done. The malicious specimen to be dissected in this post is built more intricately than the overwhelming majority of adware threats. Run-of-the-mill samples of browser operation disrupting code tend to center around …

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Sep 21

Remove Palikan Search and Chromium-based Palikan Browser

Undo all unsanctioned changes made by the Palikan adware and thus prevent the imposed site from being forcibly visited during the routine browser use. The people behind Palikan software prefer a quick buck over taking effort to conduct elaborate online marketing. In the long run, this product’s activity comes down to driving user hits to …

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Sep 16

Remove MyBrowser virus from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Removal of Ads by MyBrowser from web pages on infected PC is not as hard as it may seem, so use these instructions to get a cure for the adware plague now. MyBrowser application by The MyBrowser Authors publisher exceeds the adware spreading and implementation practices that the majority of potentially unwanted programs exhibit. The …

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Sep 11

How to remove LaSuperba adware from Firefox, Chrome, IE

Ads by LaSuperba are displayed because of the infiltration of adware into a computer, so learn a way to fix this by leveraging best security practices. Attack by LaSuperba infection is a sneaky encounter, but it’s mostly up to the user whether the compromise gets through or not. The typical scenario involves an installation of …

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Sep 05

Remove Pokki Start Menu virus and its “Start menu updated” popups

Pokki software is known to cause problems such as obtrusive popups and persistent browser hijacking, so follow these steps to uninstall it from Windows PC. It’s a shame computer applications like Pokki implement some indisputably bright ideas in a way which makes the customers want to uninstall it. Much has been said about the Start …

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Aug 31

Remove Magical Find malware from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Learn efficient techniques to get rid of Magical Find application that fills up web pages with tons of ecommerce data without getting consent from the user. There is so much software junk floating around the Internet under fancy names like Magical Find. These programs even have their official pages online, containing hardly any information other …

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Aug 25

How to remove DNS Unlocker virus from Chrome, Firefox and IE

DNS Unlocker app inundates one’s browser with excessive ads under the guise of providing web traffic filtering features, so get rid of this adware right away. There is a fine line between legit and adware backed ecommerce. What is more, the average user may find it hard to tell the difference with the naked eye. …

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Aug 23

Remove virus (SafeSearch toolbar) from Firefox, Chrome and IE

This is a comprehensive walk-through to aid users, who are infected with, in removing this persistent malware and preventing browser redirects. The reign of adware in the global share of malicious programs is continuing to be observed by security labs and, of course, the users of desktop PCs and laptops. These infections are highly …

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Aug 18

Remove GetPrivate ads virus from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Ads by GetPrivate get nagging in case the corresponding adware resides in a PC, which is why removal of this infection is a high priority task for the user. Anonymization is in vogue with users who spend most of their computing time surfing the Internet. It helps prevent both the big data companies out there …

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