Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 20

Remove Binkiland Search (Bikiniland virus) in Firefox, Chrome and IE

This is the right place to learn how to remove Binkiland browser settings-changing adware and find out ways to prevent it from infecting a computer. Perhaps the most discomforting thing about the category of computer infections called adware is that a certain web browsing mode is imposed on the user without permission being requested. As …

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Feb 06

Remove CTB Locker ransomware and recover encrypted personal files

Learn up-to-date facts about the immensely aggressive CTB Locker ransomware virus and use step-by-step instructions to restore the personal files it encrypted. While a hardened criminal taking someone hostage is a real-world terror scenario, the activity of the program called CTB Locker is the cyber counterpart thereof. This malicious software has been developed to extort …

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Feb 03

Remove AnyProtect virus: Any Protect Online Backup removal

Get comprehensive insight into AnyProtect Online Backup tool, find out why it’s considered potentially unwanted and learn how it can be removed from a computer. The application called AnyProtect is two-faced. On the one hand, it seems like a neat backup tool with sleek and streamlined graphical user interface. When looked at from a security …

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Feb 02

Remove Iminent toolbar ( in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Iminent adware and respective hijacker are subject to analysis in this post, including the spreading tricks and applicable removal methods. Iminent is a free cross-browser toolbar that claims to add some fun features to one’s Internet surfing and social networking activity, such as emoticons, animations, games, text effects and homepage background personalization. There is …

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