Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 30

Remove SafeFinder Smartbar virus from Chrome, Firefox and Explorer

Learn the unwanted facets of SafeFinder Smartbar and get easy-to-follow instructions on adware removal from major web browsers affected. Looking for and installing an add-on to get your web browsing simplified or enhanced in one way or another might drag you into trouble these days. Software download resources out there, including popular ones, contain …

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Jan 22

Remove and Linkey project from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Users suffering from repeated redirects to due to interference of the Linkey plugin can use this guide to learn how to get rid of the adware. Adware has been trending in the cybercrime environment for the past few years, partially because it’s a relatively non-aggressive type of malicious software; and also, importantly enough, because …

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Jan 20

Uninstall BoBrowser virus from Windows computer

This article focuses on the unwelcome sides of BoBrowser adware and provides comprehensive tips to remove it and cease the browser hijacking it deploys. Advertised as a highly secure and easy-to-use web browsing client, the BoBrowser application turns out to be not nearly as friendly upon a closer scrutiny. Some of its characteristics, such as …

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Jan 19

Remove Ads by Cinema-Plus in Firefox, Chrome and IE

Figuring out why the Cinema-Plus application is an adware and the methodology for removing it from a computer is the subject being reviewed in this guide. It’s not uncommon for adware infections to impact browsers in a way that web pages get displayed with ads that are not supposed to be there. Although the program …

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Jan 16

Remove Wajam Ads in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Wajam, an app with questionable reputation that unites web search enhancement and intrusive advertising activity, is being described in terms of removal. Sometimes good ideas and startups end up transforming into abominable stuff that many people try to stay away from. Let’s look into Wajam, for instance. Officially, this application makes web search more informative …

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Jan 13

Remove Ads by BetterMarkIt in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Must-read information about what the BetterMarkIt app actually is and how this adware can be removed from an infected PC is at your fingertips in this article. It’s amazing how substantially the marketing of a digital product can sometimes deviate from the factual state of things. Whereas the promotion of the BetterMarkIt application involves highlighting …

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Jan 12

Remove Ads by Salus from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

The article presents an extensive insight into intrusive Ads by Salus and the respective adware application, also providing effective removal steps as the fix. Some samples of adware do nothing trickier than routing the victims’ web traffic to certain landing sites with ads. Others skip the redirect phase and display sponsored stuff directly inside all …

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