Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 30

Home Security Solutions Rogue of the FakeVimes Family

Home Security Solutions is a rogue of the FakeVimes Family which replaces the Anti-Malware Lab clone. The rogue uses the scare tactics of generating pop up fake alerts to get the users infected to purchase the rogue. The FakeVimes rogues also hijacks the hosts file and sets a proxy in the Internet Options, Connections, Lan …

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Dec 29

System Check Rogue of the FakeSysDef Family

System Check, is a rogue of the FakeSysDef Family which uses fake scareware of having hard drive and system errors to scare those infected to purchase the rogue. The FakeSysDef rogues also includes an MBR (Master Boot Record) Rootkit like TDSS, TDL#, or Sinowal used for profiting from search engine results hijackings even after the user purchases the …

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Dec 12

Antivirii 2011

Antivirii 2011 rogue is one that doesn’t point to any of the known families of rogues, however, this rogue like others uses fake alerts with fake scan results to scare the user into buying the rogue. This one didn’t block the running of other applications and has only two files it drops to the Windows folder, …

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