Oct 25

How to uninstall ArcadeYum advertisement

Learn what pitfalls the ArcadeYum gaming service may have under the hood and get comprehensive recommendations to remove this adware.

When getting something on the Internet for free, it’s not uncommon to sacrifice something in return. Software development and proliferation is a business, so one shouldn’t expect gratuitous offers in every sense. Using the portal called ArcadeYum, thousands of games are at your disposal for free – tha’s a virtue of course as there’s no obligatory registration or things like that. But getting back to the sacrificing aspect, it’s not all that simple.

By installing the ArcadeYum app you agree to their Terms of Service, which implies allowing sponsored objects to be displayed in the web browsers. These are popup and pop-under ads, transitional and floating ads, in-text links, and banners. The adware can also trigger separate browser windows with the ArcadeYum branded bar. Long story short, along with getting access to loads of puzzles, strategy, casino, arcades and other games, you also encounter annoying ads occupying your web pages, whether you like it or not.

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Oct 09

Remove rts.dsrlte.com new tab virus in Chrome, Firefox, IE

The trouble with web browsers loading rts.dsrlte.com in every new tab is examined in this entry, highlighting the contamination and ways to remove this virus.

While some online services attract customers via painstaking and unobtrusive marketing campaigns, others choose to go the fast and easy way. This particularly applies to mediators who benefit from providing a user base to interested parties. A new large-scale fraud emerged in the past few weeks, hijacking thousands of users’ web browsers and rerouting them to an unwanted landing page. This issue, which is directly related to the URL of rts.dsrlte.com, is currently on the rise.

The overall corrupt workflow is based on the following scenario: a piece of malware gets dropped into a computer through drive-by downloads, malicious scripts on compromised websites, or exploits. Then the payload transforms into fully-functional adware which is programmed to contort settings for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox (depending on which is /are used on the system). As a result, the new tab configuration and the search defaults are modified to point to rts.dsrlte.com, with no user approval required for these changes to take action.

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Oct 09

Uninstall Tuvaro virus in Firefox, IE, Chrome

This tutorial covers the problem of Tuvaro virus making unauthorized changes to one’s browsing preferences and provides removal instructions to fix this bug.

The Internet swindlers who seek to earn from delivering ads to users keep coming up with new pests that take over all main decisions web browsing-wise. In the IT security terms these are called adware, i.e. programs redistributing infected users’ online traffic in the bad guys’ favor. Tuvaro, also known as Tuvaro Search or Tuvaro Toolbar, sticks with the common adware guidelines.

Its emergence on a computer resembles trespassing rather than regular installation. By binding up with third-party downloads, the malefic payload makes it onto a PC without notifying the user. It’s mostly media players, codec packs, file downloaders and phony updates of critical software to blame for the intrusion. During such setups it’s therefore highly recommended to run custom install in order to see all the options which can be deactivated manually, whereas the default way won’t always display such opt-out things.

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Oct 06

Uninstall iStartSurf in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

This is a do-it-yourself tutorial to remove iStartSurf virus from an infected computer, also encompassing a detailed description of this adware program.

iStartSurf is the name of a brand-new adware which is growing into a major concern for both the infected users and the security community overall. The things that are particularly troubling about it include the rapid global distribution and nontrivial obtrusiveness being exhibited. In the meantime, iStartSurf’s goals are fairly typical: it aims at attracting web traffic to its landing page in an unethical way. This entry is going to dwell on all of these features of the malicious program under consideration.

The spreading of this infection involves so-called “bundling,” which is a technique where an application is downloaded and its terms are automatically agreed to without actually consent on the user’s end. This method is powered by third-party apps being loaded with iStartSurf installer which is presented on an opt-out basis. This is why the default setup option isn’t always a good idea to stick to; one should instead choose the custom install in order to at least see what’s under the hood. Such risk is most likely to emanate from freeware, the authors of which get paid for including additional items into their setup packages. Be particularly careful when installing browser plugins, add-ons, media players, file format converters, codecs, and file downloaders. In any case, be sure to inspect these for extras before proceeding with the setup.

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Sep 29

Remove Ads by SupraSavings virus. Supra Savings removal for IE, Firefox and Chrome

It’s a must-read article for the users who keep seeing popups that say Ads by SupraSavings, because there’s a problem description and removal tips included.

Whereas advertisements on the Internet are certainly a convenience to users and a motivator to service providers as well as product manufacturers, the fringe between the normal and too much is really thin. Legitimate delivery of ads is within the reasonable limits in terms of intrusiveness, but for malicious applications like adware these regulations are an empty sound. The makers of these potentially unwanted programs do not take into account things like user experience and consent, which gets them flagged by security software across the board.

SupraSavings is but one of the many such unethical programs. Its malicious nature is exhibited all the way through its lifecycle, starting with installation peculiarities and being topped off by super-obnoxious activity on the compromised computer. It is claimed to be a tool tailored for showing information on hottest prices, discounts, coupons, and best deals on shopping sites; but its factual activity is way more than that, in the bad way.

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Sep 24

Remove WebsSearches: Uninstall istart.webssearches.com in web browser

Results of the analysis of potentially unwanted program called WebsSearches are covered in this article, including easy-to-follow removal instructions.

One of the perils that stem from downloading free software is getting a drive-by, that is, some application which is not said to be included in the install pack. What is more, these unheralded extras are rarely something good. As an illustration, a spoof Flash update, PDF creator, streaming video recording utility, which you download and install without being charged, may quite likely add a malicious browser helper object (toolbar or extension) to the web navigation software being used on your computer, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc. WebsSearches, also known as Web Searches, is a cross-browser adware that spreads via this exact tactic. It messes up the web browsing preferences on a compromised PC in order to implement traffic redistribution activity.

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Aug 06

Remove AdChoices: AdChoices ads removal for Google Chrome, Firefox, IE

Get a detailed description of the AdChoices adware program as per in-depth security analysis thereof, and learn how to remove it from a PC that got compromised.

When it comes to software and the Internet, separating the wheat from the chaff may be a problematic task to carry out, in particular advertising-wise. Users have gotten accustomed to sponsored information appearing on search results pages, social networks, in emails and a variety of other places online, because that’s largely what allows keeping the use of these services free of charge. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of room for manipulation and hoax in this field, the AdChoices app being an instance of this. The entity mentioned denotes a potentially unwanted program affecting the web browsers used on an arbitrary computer. It spreads with other software, predominantly free multimedia utilities, codec packs, video converters and the like, with the respective installer being covertly incorporated in these downloads.

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Aug 06

Remove OpenCandy: PUP.Optional.OpenCandy malware removal

This entry is meant to assist the users infected with OpenCandy adware in treating this computer threat, providing a description and removal recommendations.

Owing to the dubious OpenCandy plug-in, free app developers get the chance to monetize their hard software creation work, but the computer users who become unknowingly involved in this promotional campaign suffer the consequences of potentially unwanted objects affecting their machines. This sort of duality is a fairly widespread feature of the contemporary Internet marketing, but no one canceled respect for positive user experience, really.

The modus operandi for the OpenCandy network is about establishing mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the people who develop software and distribute it on a free basis. The respective plug-in gets incorporated in the setup for such apps, and whenever a user downloads it the plug-in reaches out to the cloud to find complementary utilities matching this particular situation based on the PC configuration and the objectives of the main software being installed. This way, an additional application gets promoted onto the computer alongside the one that the user was downloading in the first place. So much for the relatively good side of this process.

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Jul 28

Remove Pirrit Suggestor: Pirritdesktop.exe and Pirritservice.exe processes removal

Read a comprehensive overview of the Pirrit Suggestor adware to learn how it works and what must be done on the user’s end to remove it from infected computer.

Online distribution, promotion and monetization of software being developers’ predominant objective, different companies offer outsourced opportunities to get this nontrivial job done. While some of these firms treat the application author and the customer with equal respect, others disregard things like user experience and create overly intrusive products. Pirrit Suggestor, also known as PirritSuggestor, definitely inclines towards moneymaking at the expense of users’ peace of mind.

This dubious browser helper object assists developers in gaining targeted traffic and application installs as per contractual relationship with software makers who seek rapid distribution. On the other hand, the people who have Pirrit Suggestor installed on their machines experience a harsh influx of redundant ads while searching stuff online and visiting random websites. The browser extension is tailored to analyze user preferences and interests in order to display the respective advertising links which are embedded in SERPs (search engine results pages) as well as web pages.

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Feb 02

Disk Antivirus Professional

Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue of the WinWeb Security Family.

Disk Antivirus Professional like so many of today’s rogues, block the running of all other applications and the constant pop ups and re-directs to scare messages designed to scare those infected into buying the rogue.

Disk Antivirus Professional GUI

Files and Locations:

%APPDATA%\<random named> .exe

%APPDATA% is a token path that relates to the following:

<Drive>:\Documents and Settings\Users\Application Data

Vista and Windows 7:

The Disk Antivirus Professional rogue can be removed with manually, however, because of blocking apps and possible infections by other malware that may have been included, it is best to use our Antivirus removal tool, VIPRE Antivirus.

You can download a free trial to remove the Disk Antivirus Professional rogue by clicking on the link below:


 If you are unable to download and install our malware removal tool because the rogue has infected your computer and is not allowing you to install the program, you can use our VIPRE Rescue Disc here:


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