Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 31

Remove Magical Find malware from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Learn efficient techniques to get rid of Magical Find application that fills up web pages with tons of ecommerce data without getting consent from the user. There is so much software junk floating around the Internet under fancy names like Magical Find. These programs even have their official pages online, containing hardly any information other …

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Aug 25

How to remove DNS Unlocker virus from Chrome, Firefox and IE

DNS Unlocker app inundates one’s browser with excessive ads under the guise of providing web traffic filtering features, so get rid of this adware right away. There is a fine line between legit and adware backed ecommerce. What is more, the average user may find it hard to tell the difference with the naked eye. …

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Aug 23

Remove virus (SafeSearch toolbar) from Firefox, Chrome and IE

This is a comprehensive walk-through to aid users, who are infected with, in removing this persistent malware and preventing browser redirects. The reign of adware in the global share of malicious programs is continuing to be observed by security labs and, of course, the users of desktop PCs and laptops. These infections are highly …

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Aug 18

Remove GetPrivate ads virus from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Ads by GetPrivate get nagging in case the corresponding adware resides in a PC, which is why removal of this infection is a high priority task for the user. Anonymization is in vogue with users who spend most of their computing time surfing the Internet. It helps prevent both the big data companies out there …

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Aug 14

Remove Gravity Space ads from infected Firefox, Chrome and IE

The unenviable situation where Ads by Gravity Space spring up on every web page should be attended to without delay, the instructions being included herein. Gravity Space is an application representing a standalone family of adware threats. Its clones, including the recent ones such as Wander Burst and Strong Signal, are supported by uniform websites …

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Aug 11

Remove virus from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

The post is about malware that sets one’s browser defaults to while skipping the user approval stage, so get rid of it using these instructions. Any software is clearly counterproductive as long as it changes random system settings without consulting the computer’s administrator. In the event these modifications are problematic to reverse, the application …

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Aug 10

Uninstall Ninja Loader adware from Windows PC

Although Ninja Loader might be of use for downloading audio and movies, it is hard to remove and it displays unwanted ads, so get a method to remove the virus. The authors of Ninja Loader software, on the one hand, state that downloading multimedia content on the Internet doesn’t get any easier with to their …

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Aug 05

Remove malware from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Recurring behind-the-scenes connections to during one’s web surfing should be addressed using these malware removal instructions. Some instances of adware assault result in a blatant upshot, where the targeted computer system exhibits apparent abnormality such as configuration-related malfunctioning of web browsers. In these cases, which are prevalent, the victim is bound to visit undesired …

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