Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 31

Remove CutThePrice extension (Ads by Cut The Price) from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Use smart instructions to get rid of CutThePrice virus, which is camouflaged inside freeware installs and serves undesired ads to victims after the attack. Finding goods that are dirt cheap is a great many people’s obsession, and the Internet provides fantastic opportunities to make it come true. What’s popular is also a potentially exploitable environment …

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Jul 28

Remove from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

The encounter where becomes one’s default start page and search provider should be treated as malware activity, hence removal is a must. In virus analysis terms, it’s important to differentiate between the symptoms and the objects originally causing them. The users who are getting constantly and forcibly redirected to while online tend to …

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Jul 27

Remove popup virus from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Permanently occurring popups are a call for action as they mean there’s adware inside the PC, so get rid of it using this knowledgebase. It takes very little to catch malicious software. In the case of Totaladperformance virus, just a momentary distraction from the installation workflow of a supposedly secure free program is sufficient …

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Jul 22

Remove Wander Burst virus ads from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Ads by Wander Burst get users frustrated because they inundate every accessed web page, so adhere to the instructions to uninstall the uninvited application. As convenient as online shopping generally is, the way it is implemented these days tends to get questionable, mostly because there are big moneymaking opportunities involved. While some services have got …

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Jul 17

Remove CryptoWall ransomware and decrypt abducted files in Windows

The impact caused by CryptoWall virus, which encrypts one’s data and holds it hostage while extorting a ransom, can be reversed using these instructions. The malicious software to be dissected in this entry was once believed to have gone extinct, but the disappointment and fuss about it came back as its version 3.0 emerged back …

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Jul 16

Remove redirect virus from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Although site looks appealing, it is actually a part of adware con, so the related virus should be avoided and eradicated if it’s on a PC. Some adware assaults are quite ordinary and forthright, involving a malicious web browser extension programmed to repeatedly reroute traffic to a single landing page. Others tend to be …

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Jul 13

Remove Search Protect virus from Firefox, Chrome and IE

Get the hang of computer troubleshooting with regard to the Search Protect by Conduit malware and act wisely further on to stay away from infections like that. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that even security-savvy and generally prudent PC users may get tricked into installing a piece of malicious software when surfing the …

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Jul 08

Remove Shortcut virus (USB pendrive virus) from infected PC

Learn an easy fix for the notorious shortcut virus that causes victim’s files on a removable drive or random computer volume to be replaced with shortcuts. The contemporary malware environment is predominantly composed of threats whose objectives fit strictly into a commercialization context. In other words, today’s malicious programs tend to be written in order …

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