Oct 09

Remove rts.dsrlte.com new tab virus in Chrome, Firefox, IE

The trouble with web browsers loading rts.dsrlte.com in every new tab is examined in this entry, highlighting the contamination and ways to remove this virus.

While some online services attract customers via painstaking and unobtrusive marketing campaigns, others choose to go the fast and easy way. This particularly applies to mediators who benefit from providing a user base to interested parties. A new large-scale fraud emerged in the past few weeks, hijacking thousands of users’ web browsers and rerouting them to an unwanted landing page. This issue, which is directly related to the URL of rts.dsrlte.com, is currently on the rise.

The overall corrupt workflow is based on the following scenario: a piece of malware gets dropped into a computer through drive-by downloads, malicious scripts on compromised websites, or exploits. Then the payload transforms into fully-functional adware which is programmed to contort settings for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox (depending on which is /are used on the system). As a result, the new tab configuration and the search defaults are modified to point to rts.dsrlte.com, with no user approval required for these changes to take action.


The outlined activity makes the affected web browser load trs.dsrlte.com every time a new tab is opened. Another outcome is the preferred search engine getting replaced with the above URL as well. Trs.dsrlte.com not a standalone web page bearing some value on its own – it is in fact a transitional domain that eventually redirects the traffic over to Yahoo Search. So, this is obviously an affiliate model where the middlemen get rewarded for bringing new clients to a third-party service. It’s too bad the infected users have to suffer from such marketing as they cannot manually change the defaults back to their preferred values and appear to be stuck with a service they might not have opted into using.

The trs.dsrlte.com virus is rather persistent and more sophisticated than many of its adware counterparts. It does a good job obfuscating its components inside the PC and, as can be seen from the screenshot below, messes with the operating system’s startup configuration, making the executable called dsrlte.exe load when the OS is launching.
dsrlte.exe process

These peculiar features of the adware in question make it a hard nut to crack in terms of the cleanup and remediation of the contaminated system to its normal state. An appropriately balanced combination of removal measures, though, will do the trick and make this aggressive adware go away for good.

Rts.dsrlte.com virus automatic removal

All the other adware uninstall methods being worth a try, the cleanup using automatic security software guarantees a proven fix involving little user effort and a trouble-free procedure.

  • Download and install the featured security tool and launch an in-depth malware checkup by clicking Start Computer Scan buttonDownload rts.dsrlte.com remover
  • When the software returns a list of malicious and potentially unsafe items found on the PC, select Fix Threats in order to have rts.dsrlte.com bug uninstalled from your machine. An additional virtue of this process is the elimination of other threats that may be active in the background.

Use Control Panel to uninstall rts.dsrlte.com adware

  • Go to Control Panel from Windows Start menu. If you are using Windows XP or Windows 8, proceed to Add or Remove Programs. If it’s Windows Vista or Windows 7, Uninstall a program is the right option to clickUninstall a program
  • Carefully examine the list for dsrlte, some similar-looking program or other app which you think might be the affiliated troublemaker, most likely some freeware that was lately installed. Once the corrupt object is found, click on it and select the Uninstall/Change option to complete the uninstallUninstall option

Reset the compromised browser to its defaults

Despite the fact that this is a fairly radical fix, resetting the affected web browser is effective. However, be advised you will lose your personalized settings such as temporary Internet files, history, cookies, saved passwords, web form data, toolbars and add-ons. So proceed with caution, and if you’re not sure – perform the cleanup using methods highlighted in the previous sections.

Reset Firefox to its original defaults

  • Open Firefox, expand the Help menu on the top of the window, and in the drop-down list pick Troubleshooting Information. Alternatively, simply type in ‘about:support’ (without quotes) in the Firefox omnibox and hit EnterReset Firefox 1
  • Troubleshooting Information will open in a separate tab. Click the Reset Firefox button as shown. You’re now doneReset-Firefox 2

Reset Internet Explorer to its original defaults

  • Launch Internet Explorer and proceed to ToolsInternet OptionsReset Internet Explorer 1
  • Select the Advanced tab at the top and click ResetReset Internet Explorer 2
  • When IE comes up with the respective screen, read the warning carefully and, if sure, put a checkmark for Delete personal settings. Now click ResetReset Internet Explorer 3

Reset Google Chrome to its default values

  • Open your Chrome browser, click the Chrome menu icon to the upper right and select Settings on the list. Alternatively, type in ‘chrome://settings’ (without quotes) in the URL fieldChrome Settings
  • Find the Show advanced settings… link on the tab that opened upReset Chrome 1
  • Under Chrome’s advanced settings, click the button that says Reset browser settingsReset Chrome 2
  • Be sure to read the information about the personal settings that will be lost if the transaction gets completed. Click Reset if it’s fine with youReset Chrome 3

Complete rts.dsrlte.com removal process

Given the likely persistence of this adware sample, it’s recommended to repeatedly check the machine for its components after the cleanup procedure has been performed. Rescan your system with trusted security suite to make sure the extermination of rts.dsrlte.com has been successful.

Download rts.dsrlte.com free scanner and remover


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