Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 25

How to uninstall ArcadeYum advertisement


Learn what pitfalls the ArcadeYum gaming service may have under the hood and get comprehensive recommendations to remove this adware. When getting something on the Internet for free, it’s not uncommon to sacrifice something in return. Software development and proliferation is a business, so one shouldn’t expect gratuitous offers in every sense. Using the portal …

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Oct 09

Remove new tab virus in Chrome, Firefox, IE

Uninstall option

The trouble with web browsers loading in every new tab is examined in this entry, highlighting the contamination and ways to remove this virus. While some online services attract customers via painstaking and unobtrusive marketing campaigns, others choose to go the fast and easy way. This particularly applies to mediators who benefit from providing …

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Oct 09

Uninstall Tuvaro virus in Firefox, IE, Chrome

Remove Tuvaro Chrome Toolbar Extension

This tutorial covers the problem of Tuvaro virus making unauthorized changes to one’s browsing preferences and provides removal instructions to fix this bug. The Internet swindlers who seek to earn from delivering ads to users keep coming up with new pests that take over all main decisions web browsing-wise. In the IT security terms these …

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Oct 06

Uninstall iStartSurf in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

Chrome Properties

This is a do-it-yourself tutorial to remove iStartSurf virus from an infected computer, also encompassing a detailed description of this adware program. iStartSurf is the name of a brand-new adware which is growing into a major concern for both the infected users and the security community overall. The things that are particularly troubling about it …

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