Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 29

Remove Ads by SupraSavings virus. Supra Savings removal for IE, Firefox and Chrome

It’s a must-read article for the users who keep seeing popups that say Ads by SupraSavings, because there’s a problem description and removal tips included. Whereas advertisements on the Internet are certainly a convenience to users and a motivator to service providers as well as product manufacturers, the fringe between the normal and too much …

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Sep 24

Remove WebsSearches: Uninstall in web browser

Results of the analysis of potentially unwanted program called WebsSearches are covered in this article, including easy-to-follow removal instructions. One of the perils that stem from downloading free software is getting a drive-by, that is, some application which is not said to be included in the install pack. What is more, these unheralded extras are …

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