Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 26

How to remove the Windows Premium Guard rogue

The Windows Premium Guard is another rogue created to appear just as if it was a real  Antivirus programs which infects users by re-directing them to fake online scan pages to make the user’s PC is infected and need download and install the rogue. The Windows Premium Guard creates fake pop-up alerts made to make …

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Apr 18

How to remove Windows Guard Solutions

The Windows Guard Solutions is a fake security applications made to look like a real AV program using fake online scans to make the user think they have been infected so they will download and install the rogue. The Windows Guard Solutions creates fake pop-up alerts saying that the computer is infected using the Windows …

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Apr 01

How to Remove the Smart HDD Rogue

Smart HDD is a rogue of the FakeSysDef Family which uses fake alerts of having hard drive and system errors to scare those infected to purchase the rogue. The FakeSysDef rogues also includes an MBR (Master Boot Record) Rootkit like TDSS, TDL#, or Sinowal used for profiting from search engine results hijackings even after the user purchases the rogue. …

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