Nov 10

AV Security 2012 Rogue of the FakeScanti Family

AV Security 2012 is a rogue of the FakeScanti Family, that uses scare tactics with fake scans results, fake Blue Screens with a fake windows restarting screen, along with the blocking of all applications when trying to run them to goad the user into buying the rogue to clean the fake infections shown.

AV Security 2012 (FakeScanti) GUI

This new variant also hijacks the hosts file with the following IP and search sites:  google.com  yahoo.com  bing.com  facebook.com

Files and Locations:
%SYSTEM%AV Security 2012v121.exe

Sites Associated with the AV Security 2012 rogue are:

The AV Security 2012 rogue can be removed using  manual methods, however, this family of rogues can include Rootkits or other type of Trojans designed to keep re-infecting the PC , it is recommend to use our Antispyware/Antivirus removal tool, VIPRE Antivirus. You can download a free trial to remove the rogue from your computer for no cost by clicking on the link below:


If you are unable to download and install our malware removal tool because this has infected your computer and is not allowing you to install the program, you can use our VIPRE Rescue Disc here:


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