Jun 21

Windows Antidanger Center

Windows Antidanger Center is a variant of the Privacy Center rogue, a family of fake antivirus software that dupes unwary users in order to make money. It does this by displaying fake system infections, and then giving the users an option to purchase this “product” with the promise of ridding their systems of infections that are, in fact, nonexistent.

Windows Antidanger Center GUI

How do I Remove Windows Antidanger Center From My PC?

There are ways of removing this manually, but we recommend using our malware removal tool, VIPRE Antivirus. You can download a free 30-day trial that will remove Antivirus Center from your PC for no cost by clicking on the link below:


If you are unable to download and install our malware removal tool because Antivirus Center has infected your PC and is not allowing you to install the program, you can use our VIPRE Rescue Disc here:


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